McLeod, North Dakota

ANNOUNCING!! A party!!

Jeremiah’s birthday is April 16th.¬† Although, no doubt, this first birthday without him will be very hard for those of us who loved him so much, we wanted to use our energy to honor his memory by continuing… Read More

A 9 Year Old’s Savings Account

What you see right here is a 9 yo boy’s savings account. The day before his accident, I was cleaning the boys’ room. I nearly washed this $120 Jeremiah was saving for Legos. This became the seed money… Read More

A Season of Gifts

Looking back on this last week or so is so overwhelming. We cleaned out our “warehouse” of Legos and Action Bibles on December 9th at the hospitals. Already those are filled back up plus we have cash reserves… Read More

Kindness Is Contagious

A huge thank you to Nicole Phillips who did a lovely write up about Jeremiah, Do It Well, and faithfulness. Her kind words and message of sharing kindness with others is so greatly appreciated. ¬†Jeremiah is missed so… Read More